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Transformative Apprenticeship Journey at Educationwise: A Conversation with Megan Aston 


Embarking on an apprenticeship journey is a significant step towards personal and professional development. Today, we sit down with Megan Aston, a driven individual whose apprenticeship with Educationwise has been nothing short of transformative. Megan shares, “Personal development, to learn new skills that will have a positive impact and help my career development,” as her motivation behind this journey. From enhancing technical skills to developing efficient time management strategies, Megan shares insights into the unique learning experience offered by Educationwise. 

Motivation and Learning Milestones: 

Megan’s decision to pursue an apprenticeship with Educationwise was driven by a desire for personal development and the acquisition of skills that would positively impact her career. Reflecting on her most significant achievement, Megan states, “I developed a more efficient time management system, prioritising tasks effectively and using productivity tools to track progress.” This highlights the focus and dedication she brought to her apprenticeship, transforming challenges into learning milestones. 

Impact on Personal and Professional Development: 

Educationwise’s apprenticeship programme proved transformative for Megan, both personally and professionally. “This apprenticeship has been transformative, both personally and professionally. It’s honed my technical skills, encourage critical thinking, and boosted my confidence, preparing me for future challenges and opportunities in my career,” Megan articulates, illustrating the profound impact that Educationwise can have on an individual’s growth. 

Exceptional Support and Guidance: 

Megan acknowledges the exceptional support and guidance she received from Educationwise throughout her apprenticeship. She notes, “Educationwise are providing exceptional support throughout my journey. My tutor offers invaluable guidance, and a collaborative learning environment,” underscoring the importance of the support system in her apprenticeship experience. 

Skills and Knowledge Gained: 

Educationwise’s apprenticeship programme equipped Megan with a diverse set of skills, particularly in leadership and communication. “I’ve gained a wealth of skills, notably in leadership styles and communication strategies, which are critical in my field,” Megan observes. The apprenticeship also enhanced her problem-solving abilities, providing her with a well-rounded skill set. 

Overcoming Challenges: 

Discussing the challenges, Megan mentions, “Managing time effectively has been challenging at times, therefore my tutor has been flexible and provided additional support to ensure that I remain on track.” This highlights the supportive nature of Educationwise, which helped her overcome these challenges and acquire valuable strategies. 

Advice for Aspiring Apprentices: 

For those considering an apprenticeship with Educationwise, Megan advises, “Embrace the learning opportunity provided. Educationwise offers a supportive environment that will propel your career forward,” encouraging future apprentices to take full advantage of the opportunities offered. 

What Sets Educationwise Apart: 

Megan believes that Educationwise stands out due to its personalised approach. “Educationwise stands out for their personalised approach to learning, their commitment to the success of each apprentice, and their ability to integrate practical skills with theoretical knowledge,” she states, outlining the unique aspects of Educationwise’s programme. 


Megan Aston’s apprenticeship journey with Educationwise serves as a testament to the transformative power of such programmes. Her experience highlights Educationwise’s commitment to personalised learning, unwavering support, and the development of practical skills, positioning it as a standout provider in the realm of apprenticeship opportunities. Aspiring apprentices can undoubtedly find inspiration in Megan’s story as they consider the enriching path that an apprenticeship with Educationwise can offer. 


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