Employer Apprentice Registration

5 Reasons how your business can benefit from an apprenticeship program

Increase Business Productivity

• Inject new talent into your team
• Enthusiasm is infectious
Did you know: 78% of employers said that apprenticeships helped them to improve productivity in the workplace.

Retrain and Up-skill your Current Workforce

• Increase retention
• Raise staff loyalty and appreciation
Did you know: 75% of employee’s felt they are not reaching their potential and wished they would have received more training!

Improve the Quality of your Service

• Bring fresh, new ideas and innovation to your business
• Stay one step ahead of the competition
Did you know: 86% of employers stated that apprentices aided the development of skills relevant to the organisation!

Solve your Recruitment Woes

• Increasing year-on-year there are up to 20,000 apprenticeship vacancies currently available at any one time within the UK…
Did you know: Educationwise Academy can help you source, enrol and train your workforce of tomorrow for limited cost!

Save on Costs

• Most apprenticeship training costs are partially (95%) or fully funded by the government
• Makes upskilling your business affordable

*Survey statistics taken directly from www.apprenticeships.gov.uk

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