Educationwise Academy, a national apprenticeship provider specialising in the Sport, Rail and Business Sectors have recently been rated OUTSTANDING in all areas by Ofsted following their first full inspection, just 12 months after having their first apprentice succeed at end point assessment.

With a predominantly remote delivery model, the inspection provided a chance for Educationwise to showcase their forward-thinking curriculum and systems to ensure every learner and every employer can access and benefit from the Outstanding provision that Educationwise has on offer.

“Leaders have meticulously constructed an ambitious and challenging curriculum that is highly relevant to their apprentices. The curriculum aligns very effectively with employer needs.” Her Majesty Inspectors

The team at Educationwise have worked extremely hard to create both physical and virtual learning environments where staff, learners and employers benefit from high-quality, inclusive and engaging experiences. This environment wouldn’t be possible without the support of Educationwise’s passionate and highly experience staff who ensure learners make significant progress beyond the requirements of the apprenticeship and ensure they become important employees within their own organisations.

“Apprentices learn in high-quality, inclusive, engaging and supportive environments in which they thrive, both at work and in their training away from the workplace. They develop quickly skills that makes them very valued and useful employees.” Her Majesty Inspectors

The Ofsted report highlighted that Educationwise have “extremely positive relationships with employers” and “have high expectations of employers, prioritising those with a strong commitment to the apprenticeship and their apprentices”. This ensures they can continue to offer first-class apprenticeships in Sports Coaching, Personal Training, Rail, Leadership and Management programmes.

Gavin Deane – Educationwise CEO and Founder had the following to say about the result and Educationwise as an organisation:

“During the visit I went through a mixture of unknown feelings with excitement and concern for what the badge represents for the sector. As each hour ticked by, the more it started to become an incredible CPD experience and personal learning journey. As the Founder I felt responsible but had complete confidence in the team to do what they do on a daily basis. Seeing and hearing the triangulation of information and evidence from the students, employers and tutors was phenomenal.

Outstanding across all areas is an unbelievable achievement and for me personally and justification for the last 5 years of foundation building. Moving forward this provides us with an opportunity to shape education and employment progression for our learners and in turn support employers and the wider community.”

The three-day inspection was undertaken by four inspectors including the lead and based on all the evidence collected, made the following judgements:

  • · The quality of education:  Outstanding
  • · Behaviour and attitudes:  Outstanding
  • · Personal development:  Outstanding
  • · Leadership and management: Outstanding

Overall grading: Outstanding

If you would like to read the full report, you can do so here. You can also view our full apprenticeship offering here, or contact us to find out how we can support you, either as a learner or an employer.