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From Struggles to Success: Charlotte’s Inspirational Apprenticeship Journey 


In this inspiring interview, we sit down with Charlotte, a determined and motivated individual who has worked incredibly hard to achieve remarkable progress in her apprenticeship within just three months. Starting with only 38% progress, Charlotte underwent a remarkable transformation by changing her attitude and dedicating herself to her apprenticeship. Through her unwavering commitment and the support of individual Tailored Learning and Assessment Plans (TLAPs), Charlotte acquired the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviours to reach a remarkable milestone of 100% progress. She even initiated the End-Point Assessment (EPA) process ahead of her planned completion date. Charlotte’s outstanding achievement serves as a testament to her unwavering commitment and resilience. 


What did you do differently to improve your progress on the apprenticeship over the last 3 months?  


“My mindset changed, I was receiving positive feedback from the impact I was having on the school, and I now thought more about what I can gain from the apprenticeship. I discussed with the company about my future career moves after I had gained my apprenticeship, I was able to receive what roles I could move into once I had achieved the qualification. I took more independence and responsibility over my own learning; I was able to be more innovative in how I can help myself progress on the course. I also recognised the enjoyment in what I was doing and began thinking about the links between the apprenticeship learning calls and the work I was delivering. I started to utilise the time I was given in the week for my apprenticeship and I set myself realistic targets, spreading the tasks out across the five days to make it more achievable. I set out enough time in my week to do other things such as my football coaching, which meant I could still enjoy activities outside of the apprenticeship and that helped me enjoy things inside the apprenticeship as well.” 



How did you feel when you reached 100% progress and began the EPA process before your planned end date?  


“I was really proud of myself because at one point in my journey, I thought that I would quit the apprenticeship. But I stuck at it and worked hard, and I can now celebrate that I got to 100%!” 


Can you tell us about a time when you had to use the knowledge, skills, and behaviours you gained from your apprenticeship in a real-life situation?  


“The school I work in has a variety of different individual needs, and I used the apprenticeship knowledge and skills, specifically the learning theories and skill acquisition techniques relevant to participants’ unique development needs and the demands of the sport and occupational environment. This allowed me to plan ahead to meet different learning needs, ensuring that all children can still join, engage, learn, and have fun. Additionally, being collaborative, which is demonstrated through awareness of my own and others’ working styles and collaborating to achieve positive outcomes, has helped me come out of my shell and communicate more with school staff and company staff. Having a more collaborative approach has brought more resources and support into my delivery by finding new information from different coaches and staff.” 


Q: What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to make progress on their apprenticeship? 


“I took a step back and assessed what I can control, what I can work on and why I am not making progress. It is important to speak to people around you. This might take a bit of confidence to speak out, but once you do, you give yourself a better chance of making progress. I would set smaller targets. Realistically, the course is 18 months for a reason. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Breaking the tasks and working hard is the best way to get through the 18 months.” 


Q: What do you think are the benefits of completing an apprenticeship, and how has it helped you in your career?  


“The level 4 Sports Coach is a good level qualification to have. It has opened opportunities in my company and being qualified, I can go and get other qualifications. Doing an apprenticeship has helped me become a better coach. Other courses that I would do separately wouldn’t have given me the same knowledge, skills, confidence, and ability to go and deliver sports sessions in schools. The learning on an apprenticeship can be applied to your work straight away from the sessions, and the learning isn’t just there as something to remember in an exam. Even when I finish the apprenticeship in the role I am in, I never stop learning on and off the job. No two days are the same, which keeps me on my toes.” 



Charlotte’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of apprenticeships. Through her determination, growth mindset, and application of knowledge, she has not only achieved remarkable progress but has also gained valuable skills and experiences that have propelled her career forward. Her story serves as an inspiration to aspiring apprentices, reminding them of the benefits, challenges, and rewards that await on their own journey of growth and success. 


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