Community Activator Coach

This apprenticeship is for…

…those who wish to be a positive role model and work with their community to help them become fitter and healthier.  


The Community Activator Coach promotes, delivers and coaches fun, inclusive and engaging activities. It is ideal for an employee who is looking to develop leadership skills in their industry. Specific job roles include; Activator, Sports Coach, Activity Leader, Community Worker or Outreach Officer. 

Key information

Level: 2

Duration: 14 Months 

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This standard is ideal for

New Hires
Aspiring staff in the other Roles
Existing Staff

Desired qualities prior to enrolment

•  Enthusiastic and energetic

•  Desire to help the community

•  Excellent communication skills

•  Organised and motivational

•  Strong team player

Example knowledge, skills and behaviours

•  Know how to coach and lead the key components of  successful activity sessions for specific audiences

•  Working effectively with customer insight to overcome  individual, community and societal barriers to  participation in physical activity and sport

•  Honesty, sincerity and integrity by doing the right thing at  the right time

•  A concern for customer’s welfare and wellbeing.


Swimming Community Activator Coach


“I have learned so many new skills and gained so much experience and knowledge from my apprenticeship with Educationwise Academy. My tutor Duncan has played a massive role in supporting me.”

Abdul Mowoevvv  – L2 Community Activator Coach

“A great range of courses available that fit the needs of our business, and the growth and development of it. Knowledgeable tutors with a solid background in the courses they lead, sharing of practical examples with learner’s enabling them to develop understanding further.”- Nick Eccles, SB Sports.”

Nick Eccles – SB Sports