Operations Manager


An Operations Manager manages teams and/or projects. They must ensure the fulfilment or specific goals and objectives alongside being accountable to senior management. An Operations Manager is often responsible for coordinating activities and setting deadlines for the team as a whole. Key responsibilities may include creating and delivering operational plans, managing projects, leading and managing teams, steering change, financial and resource management, talent management, coaching and mentoring. 

This standard is ideal for new and talented employees who want to learn and progress, or for your existing employees who are looking to retrain or upskill. It is ideal for those looking to develop their skills within the industry. Specific job roles may include; Operations Manager, Regional Manager, Department Manager and Specialist Manager. 

Key information

Level: 5

Duration: 18 Months 

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This standard is ideal for

New Hires
Aspiring staff in the other Roles
Existing Staff


“I have learned so many new skills and gained so much experience and knowledge from my apprenticeship with Educationwise Academy. My tutor Duncan has played a massive role in supporting me.”

Abdul Mowoevvv  – L2 Community Activator Coach

“A great range of courses available that fit the needs of our business, and the growth and development of it. Knowledgeable tutors with a solid background in the courses they lead, sharing of practical examples with learner’s enabling them to develop understanding further.”- Nick Eccles, SB Sports.”

Nick Eccles – SB Sports

“Having that link between the business and the education helped so much. I have learnt a lot especially once I had the hang of what was expected and how to get work to assist in managing my time and not being overloaded.”

Lauren F – CSHO Apprentice