Embarking on a Creative Journey: My Experience as a Junior Content Producer Apprentice at Educationwise Academy


In a world where passion meets opportunity, I found my calling as a content creator through an unexpected path: an apprenticeship at Educationwise Academy. After graduating from university with a degree in Sports Development and Coaching Sciences, I realised that my true passion lay in videography, photography, and the creative arts.

Today, I share my journey of self-discovery and growth during my apprenticeship as a Level 3 Junior Content Producer (now known as Level 3 Content Creator).


Discovering the Apprenticeship Opportunity

After finishing university and working in the area I studied, it was becoming clear that it was not an area that I wanted to stay in for the rest of my life. I stumbled upon the world of apprenticeships. Contrary to common belief, I learned that even with a degree, I could pursue an apprenticeship. This ability to earn whilst I learn attracted me, and after some searching, I came across the Junior Content Producer role at Educationwise Academy. The job description fit perfectly with my creative aspirations, prompting me to take a leap of faith and apply for the role.


Venturing into Content Creation

With a sense of excitement and determination, I began my apprenticeship at Educationwise Academy, where I would be responsible for managing and producing content for their various social media platforms. From crafting engaging posts to managing email marketing campaigns, and designing visually appealing materials like posters and booklets, my role allowed me to unleash my creativity and showcase my skills.


Duration and Support

The apprenticeship took 15 months, a period filled with growth and learning. Throughout this journey, I received invaluable support from my tutor, Ian, who guided me every step of the way. Educationwise’s environment offered me the chance to explore and expand my skill set, and I was fortunate to attend external courses that enriched my knowledge and developed my abilities.

Supportive Guidance from a Mentor:

Ian played a significant role in shaping my apprenticeship experience at Educationwise Academy. With unwavering support and encouragement, Ian guided me through the intricacies of content creation. His constructive feedback on my projects and assignments pushed me to constantly improve and better myself both as a student and as a Content Creator. Additionally, Ian’s support promoted a confidence in me to explore various creative avenues that I had not even thought of.

Here is what my tutor has to say about me.

Media content and creation have always been a passion of mine. I have had the opportunity to share that passion with like-minded people like Antonio. From the beginning we established a great rapport and understanding and had many discussions about creativity and the graphic arts. We were able to explore the media industry and develop technical and creative skills that were then used to publish effective marketing collateral. Sharing these skills, and stretching a willing student such as Antonio, enabled him to develop and grow and achieve a well-deserved DISTINCTION grade for his apprenticeship. Commitment, dedication and shear hard work pay dividends and Antonio has all these qualities.

Unleashing Creativity: Highlights of My Apprenticeship:

Throughout my apprenticeship journey, I experienced many highlights that left a permanent mark on my creative path. Seeing my work transform from its initial standard to a higher level is amazing. Looking back at my very first design and seeing the development and skill that I have now acquired is quite frankly, unbelievable. I learned so much and being able to show that and seeing the journey gives me a feeling of pride I cannot fully describe.

Videography has always been my passion, even before university. Capturing compelling footage and bringing stories to life through visual storytelling is something you need to experience for yourself. Back in the day, that was just another hobby. Now, this apprenticeship has turned that into my work. I now get to showcase the world through my lens and have the chance to express my unique perspective.

Also, another great highlight for me was having the opportunity to go out and gather content that is used, to this day, on Educationwise Academy’s social media platforms. Seeing my work contribute to the company’s online presence and marketing efforts was and continues to be humbling. I have made a lasting mark. During the time of my apprenticeship, I saw a company going from very small numbers of followers to building a community. This is a reinforcement of the impact of my role as a content creator and the value of my contributions to the organisation.

These highlights of my apprenticeship journey provided me with the motivation to continue pushing the boundaries of my creativity and expanding my horizons in the world of content creation.


The Crucial End-Point Assessment (EPA):

As my apprenticeship journey at Educationwise Academy approached its closing chapter, the highly anticipated End-Point Assessment (EPA) arrived. This two-day examination was the ultimate test of my skills and abilities as a Level 3 Junior Content Producer. The EPA made up of a comprehensive evaluation, designed to showcase my growth and practical expertise.


Day 1 of the EPA began with a three-hour work observation, where industry professionals closely observed me in action, managing and producing content for Educationwise Academy’s social media platforms. This hands-on assessment provided an opportunity to demonstrate my ability in real-time content creation.


On Day 2, I was presented with a challenge: a three-hour time limit to imagine and design a compelling presentation based on a brief for a fictitious client. This simulated the real-world scenario allowed me to showcase my creativity, strategic thinking, and ability to align content with the client’s objectives. Once the presentation was complete, I was ready for the next phase of the assessment.


Facing the assessor, I presented my project, explaining my ideas behind my creative choices. The Q&A session allowed me to showcase my in-depth understanding of content creation principles, demonstrating my competence in navigating various aspects of the creative process.


The EPA concluded with a professional discussion. This discussion delved deeper into my experiences and decision-making during the apprenticeship, enabling me to reflect on my growth as a content creator. The exchange of ideas and insights further affirmed my passion for the creative industry and reinforced the value of my apprenticeship journey.


Throughout the EPA, I drew upon the knowledge and skills honed during my 15-month apprenticeship. Every challenge and obstacle I met had prepared me for that moment.

Awaiting the Verdict:

Then came the wait for the result. In my head I played the whole EPA back, trying to find out if I missed anything or if I said something that was incorrect, as the outcome would confirm the efforts I had poured into this apprenticeship. The knowledge that professionals in the industry would assess my work was both exciting and terrifying in equal measures. Nevertheless, I reminded myself that every challenge I faced during the journey had contributed to my growth as a content creator, irrespective of the outcome.


The Fruits of Dedication:

When the long-awaited moment finally arrived, the results were in and I could not be happier with, I had achieved the highest grade possible – a distinction! I had done it. It was a moment of immense joy and relief, knowing that my apprenticeship journey had not only finished but finished with the best possible outcome.


Receiving a distinction in my apprenticeship was a validation of my passion and dedication to the creative arts. It was a testament to the invaluable support and guidance provided by my tutor and Educationwise Academy. Their mentorship had not only helped me overcome challenges but had also nurtured my talents, leading to this exceptional achievement.


Overcoming Challenges: Dyslexia and ADHD:

Since my younger years, I have learned to navigate the challenges posed by both dyslexia and ADHD. While many may perceive these conditions negatively, I have come to embrace them as superpowers for my creativity and unique perception of the world. Rather than allowing them to hinder my progress, I have used them to thrive.

Throughout my apprenticeship, I faced the task of effectively managing dyslexia and ADHD. Thankfully, with unwavering support from my tutor and colleagues, I discovered effective strategies to work around these challenges and ensure they never stood in the way of my growth. Remarkably, I actually found that my ADHD’s ability to hyper-focus on tasks of personal interest allowed me to accomplish them more efficiently, adding a distinct advantage to my journey.

These conditions have proven to be powerful assets, enriching my apprenticeship experience, and contributing significantly to my development as a content creator.

Facing Challenges and Embracing Growth

As with any meaningful experience, challenges were bound to arise during my apprenticeship. However, these hurdles proved to be valuable lessons in disguise. I confronted them head-on, learning essential problem-solving skills, resilience, and adaptability. Looking back, I am grateful for these obstacles as they pushed me to grow both personally and professionally.


The Bounty of Knowledge and Skills

My apprenticeship at Educationwise Academy equipped me with an army of a skillset from mastering video editing techniques to understanding the power of visual storytelling. These attributes will undoubtedly prove to be invaluable assets in my future career and progression within the creative industries.


Overall, I would say that my apprenticeship at Educationwise Academy has been an enriching and transformative experience. It allowed me to transform my life from a career that I knew was not for me to content creation, where my passion is. With newfound skills, knowledge, and an excitement for the future that burns brighter than ever, I am excited to embark on a fulfilling career in the creative industries. I hope my journey serves as an inspiration to others, encouraging them to explore unexpected avenues and embrace the path of an apprenticeship on their road to self-discovery and success.


Ready to embark on your own creative journey?

If you’re passionate about content creation and seeking a fulfilling career in the creative industries, consider exploring the world of apprenticeships. Just like me, you can unleash your creativity, gain invaluable skills, and receive unwavering support from mentors and colleagues. Take a leap of faith and discover your true potential as a content creator at Educationwise Academy. Embrace the path of self-discovery and success through an apprenticeship and let your unique perspective shine. Your creative future awaits!