Celebrating Excellence: Jess’s Journey as ‘Apprentice of the Term’ with Educationwise Academy and PAMFA Sports


In the dynamic world of apprenticeships, where countless individuals seek to enhance their skills and achieve their dreams, one remarkable name has recently shone brightly. Jess Bainbridge, an apprentice with Educationwise Academy and employed by PAMFA Sports, has earned the prestigious title of ‘Apprentice of the Term’ for the Summer of 2023. 


Join us as we delve into her inspiring story.

Astonishing Achievement

Jess’s reaction upon receiving the award was nothing short of genuine surprise. She remarked, “I feel completely shocked to have received this award amongst the volume of nominations there were. It is such an achievement, and I feel so happy.” Her humility reflects her true dedication to her craft.

A Passion for Teaching and Apprenticeships

Jess’s journey commenced with a deep-rooted passion for teaching. Her decision to pursue an apprenticeship was inspired by the exciting opportunities it offered to upskill without the traditional university route. It’s a testament to her journey’s success, and she advises others considering apprenticeships to “pick something you’re passionate about and enjoy the lessons as much as possible.”

The Guiding Light of Supportive Tutors

Apprenticeships are often guided by dedicated tutors who play a pivotal role in shaping the apprentices’ paths. Jess acknowledges the profound impact of her tutors on her growth, stating, “My tutors have truly pushed me forward in both my professional and personal life to strive for higher goals.” Their unwavering support and mentorship have been instrumental in her remarkable journey.

Honoring Deadlines and Pursuing Continuous Improvement

One of the cornerstones of Jess’s success is her unwavering commitment to meeting deadlines and her relentless pursuit of excellence. She underscores the significance of adhering to apprenticeship deadlines, as they provide ample room for improvement and refinement. This diligent approach has been a driving force behind her exceptional accomplishments.

Words of Wisdom for Aspiring Apprentices

As Jess continues her journey towards growth and success, she leaves behind a message for those contemplating apprenticeships: “Know that if you stick to the deadlines set, you will always have more than enough time to improve or correct your work to achieve the best of your ability and your goals with your qualifications.”

Jess Bainbridge’s story serves as a testament to the transformative power of dedication, passion, and the relentless pursuit of improvement. Her well-deserved recognition as the ‘Apprentice of the Term’ with Educationwise Academy is an inspiration to all apprentices and aspiring learners. We celebrate her remarkable achievements and eagerly anticipate her future successes.

In conclusion, Jess’s journey reminds us that with unwavering determination and a profound passion for your chosen path, greatness is within reach. Whether you’re considering an apprenticeship or embarking on any other educational journey, Jess’s story stands as a shining example. Embrace your passion, commit to your goals, and never cease in your pursuit of excellence. Your journey might be the next to inspire others.



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