A Journey to Excellence: Chloe Attreed’s Inspiring Apprenticeship Story


In the world of apprenticeships, where individuals seek to upskill and reach new heights, one name has recently risen to the top. Chloe Attreed, a dedicated apprentice, has achieved something truly remarkable. She has not only completed her Level 5 Operations Manager apprenticeship with distinction but has also graciously shared her inspiring journey with us. Let’s delve into Chloe’s story, filled with determination, growth, and a passion for continuous learning.

Pursuing a Path of Growth

We asked Chloe what inspired her to pursue an apprenticeship, and her response was illuminating. “I was in an operational role at the time, and my learning was strictly from my own experience,” she explained. “I had no real idea of the depth of operations. When my workplace offered me the opportunity to enrol in the apprenticeship, I took it with both hands. I wanted to upskill myself in a multitude of areas.”

Chloe’s thirst for knowledge and desire to broaden her skill set were the driving forces behind her decision to embark on this apprenticeship journey.

Overcoming Challenges with Tenacity

Every journey is marked by challenges, and Chloe’s apprenticeship was no exception. She shared a particular challenge she faced: the extensive workbook-based nature of the programme. “Some of the workbooks exceeded 35 pages,” Chloe noted, “and a challenge for me was staying engaged. It was important I managed my calendar accordingly and worked with my workplace to ensure I was having my allocated 20% learning time. With those hours and my on-the-job hours, I worked on managing my time effectively.”

Chloe’s approach to overcoming challenges involved careful time management and collaboration with her workplace, a testament to her determination to succeed.

Professional and Personal Development

Chloe’s apprenticeship was not just about earning a qualification; it was a transformative journey. “I have learned so much,” she shared. “From basic presentation skills to in-depth knowledge about all things operations, I learned a lot about business management tools, operational strategies, and how to use them to my advantage. Moreover, I learned about learning styles and adaptability, both in and outside of work. Change management was another valuable skill I acquired skills I will carry with me throughout my career.”

Her apprenticeship became a catalyst for holistic growth, both professionally and personally.

Encouraging Others to Take the Leap

Chloe’s advice for those considering or starting an apprenticeship is clear: “Definitely take the jump!” She emphasised that, despite having a degree before, completing her apprenticeship has been incredibly beneficial. “Although I already had a degree, I felt like I could gain and learn more skills suitable for my current line of work through completing the apprenticeship.”

Her journey is a testament to the idea that learning never stops, and apprenticeships offer valuable opportunities for continuous growth.

Future Aspirations and Acknowledging Support

Chloe’s future is brimming with potential. “I’m already in a role I absolutely love,” she shared. “Now it’s about maintaining and applying all that I’ve learned to my company.” Her apprenticeship has equipped her with the tools and knowledge to excel in her career.

Chloe also expressed her gratitude to those who supported her on her journey. “When I first started, Cara Anderson was my tutor, and she was amazing,” Chloe recalled. “Then she handed over to Valerio, who has been incredibly supportive throughout. He went above and beyond for my EPA, even conducting a mock assessment with me on his own weekend to ensure I felt confident.”

A Tutor’s Perspective

We also reached out to Valerio Castorina, Chloe’s apprenticeship tutor, who shared his insights. He said,

“Leading and managing a diverse team demands both exceptional aptitude and the ability to inspire and guide others. As an operations and departmental manager apprentice, Chloe embodies these attributes. From our initial interactions, Chloe’s genuine enthusiasm for her role and her dedication to operational excellence was impressive. We delved deep into the nuances of leadership, operations, and the art of effective management. Chloe’s exceptional ability to assimilate complex concepts and strategies was evident in the tangible results she achieved. As a testament to her hard work and dedication, I am thrilled to acknowledge that Chloe has achieved a distinction grade for her apprenticeship – a truly well-deserved achievement. Her commitment to continuous improvement and her unyielding work ethic led her to surpass even her own expectations. Leadership is about more than just knowledge; it is about application, drive, and resilience. Chloe exemplifies all these traits, making her an example for her peers and a testament to the transformative power of dedication.”

Pride in Achievements

Chloe’s apprenticeship journey has been marked by numerous achievements, but if she had to pick one that she is especially proud of, it would be her EPA (End-Point Assessment). “It can be a daunting process,” she admitted, “but I was made to feel at ease with my assessor, Karen. In the end, it’s really not that bad!”


Chloe Attreed’s apprenticeship journey is an inspiring testament to the power of determination, learning, and growth. Her commitment to self-improvement and excellence has not only earned her a distinction but also a wealth of experience and knowledge that she will carry with her throughout her career. Chloe’s story serves as a beacon of inspiration for all aspiring apprentices—proof that with dedication, challenges can be overcome, and goals can be achieved.


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